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[Image: th_534161339_0_123_982lo.jpg][Image: th_534162250_272_123_698lo.jpg]

Enature-RussianBare. Dreaming of Dolphins. 2008.
Format : WMV / 720x480
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 1810 MB
Download Dreaming of Dolphins:

[Image: th_599908756_0222_123_706lo.jpg][Image: th_599909115_1399_123_277lo.jpg]

RussianBare. Neptune Nudists. 2002.
Format : AVI / 720x528
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 590 MB
Download Neptune Nudists:
[Image: unwx5kdh7hp3.jpg][Image: wffe7gkg5zt2.jpg]

RussianBare. Peter Dietrich - Smoothy Days Are Here Again.

Format : AVI / 608x448
Duration : 78 min
File Size : 1800 MB
Download Smoothy Days Are Here Again:
[Image: 3fvxg7hcz26q.jpg][Image: 65a0sdea9e9h.jpg]

Enature. Brazil Naturist Festival Tour 1.

Format : WMV / 720x480
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 1960 Mb
Download Brazil Naturist Festival Tour 1:
[Image: mga28ia3s27e.jpg][Image: 2y0b6qfl24g8.jpg]

Enature 2013. Yacht and garden parties.

Born to Be Bare presents a film by Peter Dietrich.
Format : WMV / 1024x576
Duration : 63 min
File Size : 990 MB
Download Yacht and garden parties:
[Image: ubozzqb18ms0.jpg][Image: d5n3ftyvu5zg.jpg]

Enature - RussianBare. Castle Naturism.

Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 55 min
File Size : 670 MB
Download Castle Naturism:
[Image: ym9edwv5rte1.jpg][Image: of5doh2k5aaj.jpg]

Enature - RussianBare. Peter Dietrich - Bare and Beautiful in Bulgaria. 2002.

Peter Dietrich's documentary about the nudists coming from different countries in Bulgaria. Every year on the second Saturday of August, a naturist Sea Festival is held on the beach near Varna. This year cameras were invited to record this unique event. Now see for yourselves all the fun and joy...
Director: Peter Dietrich.
Bulgaria, 2002.
Format : AVI / 704x480
Duration : 60 min
File Size : 1090 MB
Download Bare and Beautiful in Bulgaria:
[Image: e2ltp5ji8532.jpg]
[Image: 0hl71ngr4sjv.jpg]

Enature - RussianBare. Peter Dietrich - Back to Bare Bulgaria. 2003.

Continuation of the documentary series about Bulgaria's naturists. This year the annual Naturist Beach Festival at Varna is seriously compromised as construction work close-by threatens to interrupt this unique and playful event. The happy atmosphere of the large crowd prevails over the impending gloom, and naturists of all ages join in the fun to create another great happening. See all the activities that have kept the Varna naturist group going back over so many years. Witness the traditional and chaotic "raffle," and of course, the annual Miss Natura beauty contest that concludes each festival.
Director: Peter Dietrich.
Bulgaria, 2003.
Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 58 min
File Size : 770 MB
Download Back to Bare Bulgaria:
[Image: at26gwt9mmg0.jpg][Image: gvdm1uqju75k.jpg][Image: pny5xnwuab1v.jpg]

Enature - Swing Into Summer.

Format : MPEG / 720x384
Duration : 57 min
File Size : 1780 MB
Download Enature - Swing Into Summer:
[Image: zfscp7kdup2u.jpg]
[Image: ew63t7ubmpwc.jpg][Image: tb91qmwxj3lv.jpg]

Enature - Naked Tracks Across The Crimea.

The new documentary film by Peter Dietrich and studios Enature about traveling families across the expanses of the Crimea naturists.
Format : AVI / 640x480
Duration : 59 min
File Size : 954 MB
Download Enature - Naked Tracks Across The Crimea:

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